Social Responsibility

✔ Pampa focuses on initiatives and projects that foster the improvement of Argentina and the circumstances of its citizens.

✔ Endeavor to introduce green and sustainable technology and processes in all our engagements and principal activities.

✔ Through its work, Pampa creates jobs in the near-term and environmental benefits in the long-term.

Pampa Corporation
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Client Service Excellence

✔ Our's is a service rather than product orientation.

✔ We measure our success by the long-term success of our clients and partners.

✔ Appropriate product acquisition, infrastructure development and financing decisions are only possible with a clear and comprehensive understanding of clients' and partners' objectives and unique circumstances. With this background, we can collaborate with our clients and partners on strategies designed for their unique circumstances.

✔ Pampa remains current on innovations in technology, products, industry dynamics and practices as well as trends and developments in relevant laws and government policy within each of our core operating lines. This enables us to anticipate challenges and opportunities for our clients and partners.

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Professional Integrity

Our overriding philosophy is that integrity must be at the core of all our associations and activities.

We develop durable and collaborative relationships by delivering value added service with the highest level of integrity.