Who we are

Pampa Corporation™ emerges as a multidisciplinary organization aiming to provide customized solutions in a World with constant and rapid changes. Specialized in strategic & critical areas such as food security programs, agriculture, livestock, fisheries, edible commodities, retail food & beverage products, health equipment, education, sports, energy efficiency, renewable clean energies, real estate, urban clean transportation, communications, security, oil & gas, insurances & risk mitigation, project financing, and capital markets.

Built on its partners diverse backgrounds, combined with industrial expertise, project development capabilities and financial structuring know-how; Pampa Corporation™ delivers value-added services to its customers, private investors, local institutions, international companies and the municipal, provincial and national governments while simultaneously targeting projects that foster the countries food sovereignty, social development, educational opportunities, financial solutions, and infrastructure.

Pampa Corporation™ is regarded by its clients its strategic, long term decision-making and disciplined investment process, seeking to generate attractive risk-adjusted returns while preserving the upmost professional and ethical standards.

Pampa Corporation

Corporate Mission

  • Deliver value-added solutions to our clients and investors while preserving the upmost professional and ethical standards.

  • Maintain disciplined adherence to best practices in each of our operating fields.

  • Develop bespoke operational and financial strategies and structures based upon clients and investors specific objectives and circumstances.

Pampa Corporation Management